______________________, Chairman

Don Raudenbush, Vice Chairman

Michelle Reddick

David Waldt

T. J. Wojton


Non-Emergency Telephone: (610) 326-7589

           1.  GOVERNANCE.  The parties agree that the Fire Service Committee shall be the official governing body of the Fire Company.  Said Committee will consist of one (1) member of the Board of Commissioners, a member appointed by the Board of Commissioners, the Township Manager, the Fire Chief, the Fire Company President and two (2) citizens at large appointed by the Upper Pottsgrove Township Fire Company.  The executive officers of the Committee including the President, Vice President, and Secretary, shall be elected by the Committee members.  The Township Manager shall serve as the Treasurer of the Fire Service Committee, and shall disburse the funds based upon the majority decision of the Committee.  The Committee shall manage and govern the business operations, finances, personnel matters, and contracts involving the Fire Company and shall report periodically to the Upper Pottsgrove Township Board of Commissioners.

          2.  BYLAWS.  The parties agree that the Bylaws of the Upper Pottsgrove Township Fire Company No. 1 shall be consistent with this Memo which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

A.      As described in paragraph 1, the newly created Fire Service Committee shall serve as the Board of Directors of the Upper Pottsgrove Township Fire Company.  The Bylaws shall reflect that the membership shall elect the two citizen at large members and the Fire Company President and Fire Company Chief.

B.      The length and term of the Fire Company President and Fire Company Chief shall be two (2) years.

C.      Establish minimum qualifications for the position of Fire Company President, Fire Company Chief, Fire Police Captain, Assistant Chief and Chief Engineer, which qualifications shall be reasonable, based upon the functions of those particular positions.

D.      An application process for membership to the Fire Company shall include requirements for a criminal history check, a child abuse clearance, and driving history check.

E.      Creation of an Operational Committee, the members of which shall be appointed by the Chief, and consist of the Chief, the Fire Police Captain, the Assistant Chief, the Chief Engineer, and a representative of the Relief Association, who shall be charged with implementing Fire Company Policies/Procedures, including making recommendations to the Fire Company on operational matters which involve both firefighting and rescue.

          Any changes to the bylaws shall be recommended by the Fire Committee and approved by the Township Board of Commissioners prior to enactment and approval by the Fire Company. The parties hereto agree, understand and acknowledge that additional changes may be made to the Bylaws from time to time concerning the governance and management of the Fire Company consistent with this Memorandum of Understanding.

 3.  OPERATIONAL ISSUES.  The parties agree that the Fire Company shall retain the operational authority to fight fires and provide emergency services in the field when deployed on an emergency basis through its duly formed Operational Committee.  The Fire Committee, as the governing body of the Company, will periodically review the operations and emergency response of the Fire Company.  In addition, the Fire Company Chief agrees to update on an annual basis to the Committee, via the Township Manager, the following items to effectuate the intent of this paragraph:

A.      The name of each member and a listing of his/her qualifications.

B.      A box schedule.

C.      The names of present officers and newly elected/appointed officers.

D.      Copies of deployment and business plans.

E.      Inventory of equipment, as well as future equipment needs and wants.


 4.  IMPLEMENTATION OF FAIR AND EQUAL DISCIPLINE.  The parties agree there needs to be adequate assurances in place to allow the Fire Company to determine that fair and equal discipline is in effect for all Fire Company members. Company agrees to implement appropriate SOP’s and other disciplinary rules in  a form which shall be reviewed and approved by the Fire Committee to insure that discipline occurs as is appropriate.

           5.  FINANCES.  The Fire Committee, through its Treasurer, the Township Manager, shall control the finances of the Fire Company with direction and supervision from the Fire Committee and have access to all Fire Company and Relief Association accounts, audits, and financial communications, as well as, information regarding grants, applications and proceeds.


6.  FUNDING.  So long as the parties substantially comply with the provisions and intent of the foregoing paragraphs, the Township agrees to allocate Township funds for funding of the Fire Company on a monthly basis in order to meet the operational expenses of the Fire Company.  The parties specifically agree and acknowledge that the Township has the unilateral right to discontinue funding of the Fire Company in the event the Fire Company fails to comply with the provisions of this Memorandum of Understanding.


7.  COOPERATION.  The parties agree to cooperate with each other in a reasonable, expedient and prompt fashion in order to effectuate the terms and conditions of this Agreement.  The parties acknowledge that there will be additional documents that may need to be executed by the parties in order to move ahead with the implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding.


Volunteer Application

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